Permanent magnet motor FM type

Applications for permanent magnet motor dynamometers are general-purpose applications that request a fast transient condition. Our dynamometers have speed, power and torque feedback for performance monitoring. The brake management is normally entrusted to the BCU (brake control unit), while the management of the test room to our Test Bench Automation System.

The small size and low inertia allow the FM type to be used in tandem with eddy current or hydraulic brakes. This solution can be very convenient, especially for those who have already installed a traditional dynamometer in the test room.

Main advantages:

  • electrical motor power available to perform dynamic tests, ramps, drag and engine start
  • high braking powers for tandem solution, adding the power of the passive machine and the FM type
  • easy adaptable to the available electrical infrastructure
  • inverter nearby the dynamometer. This allows you to manage multiple test cells with a common DC supply (350V-700V AFE)
  • oscillating casing with load cell application for high frequency torque analysis (torque meter optional)
  • liquid cooled, no thermal dispersion in the environment of the testing room
Low inertia suitable also for tandem solution
Low weight and dimensions
High perfomance