Motor Valley

Borghi&Saveri is in the heart of the Motor Valley, the advanced mechanics cluster in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.
Production chains in Emilia-Romagna include those sectors that, technologically-speaking, are particularly closely linked to the production of motor engines and constant research into new technological solutions.

The mechanical cluster in Emilia-Romagna is known not only as a leader on an international level, but also presents a cluster which is highly competitive and subdivided into a number of sectors and sub-sectors, noted for their globally important “prototypes” and for their numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, all highly specialized and leaders in their respective niches. The most important sectors are: mechanics and industrial equipment, motor industry, hydraulics, agricultural machinery, and precision machining.



The Motor Valley is an international point of reference for is history, tradition, design and engineering and is a unique world of engines, speed and engineering, both because of the success some of its products have had around the world and for its manufacturing importance on a national and international level. Brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Ducati are just the cream of a production chain that includes a huge number of brands, trade names and past successes that this area has achieved thanks to an ongoing commitment to creativity and the search for absolute perfection.

Borghi & Saveri carry on the tradition, the passion present throughout the territory, to combine innovation and tradition.