Brake Control Unit

Different types of dynamometers can be managed, thanks to the capability of controlling the actuators used in the specific architecture, through parameterized control algorithms.

All parameters relating to the control and safe management of the braking unit, are easily accessible (with different levels of access) via a user interface on a web browser (user interface – UI).

The BCU can be managed via the physical interface on the front panel or via an external device using analogue or several types of bus communication.

The BCU offers the possibility of acquiring up to 2 load cell sensors (both 4 and 6 wires). The torque signal calibration is exclusively managed via software and the user is guided through the procedure by a specific calibration tool (available on the web interface).

The BCU is set up for track laps simulation. The compatibility with the installed bench management system needs to be verified.

«The BCU or the BCU plus Dynamometers meet the requirements for the tax breaks related to Industry 4.0»

The BCU has an advanced and user-friendly management interface designed to be used directly on the web browser. To access the UI it is necessary to connect the BCU to a PC or a mobile device (not included in the supply) via ethernet cable or wi-fi, connecting to the URL of the controller.

Through this interface it is possible to:

  • monitor the main parameters, i.e., speed, torque and power
  • monitor the brake conditions (temperatures, pressures, vibrations, etc.)
  • define the brake operating mode
  • calibrate the brake management parameters
  • define the load cells calibration

The configurations can be saved into the controller’s internal memory for a later recall.