Repair, Maintenance, Refurbishment & Overhaul Services

Borghi&Saveri offers a range of services and programs to ensure the equipment performs reliably, safely and efficiently. We cooperate with our customers to provide an appropriate planning, management and execution for repair, maintenance and modifications.

Borghi&Saveri is focused on providing repairs for eddy current and hydraulic dynamometers, also for dynos manufactured by third party. Our goal is to deliver your equipment back to you in optimum mechanical condition. Increasing reliability and reducing test-bench downtime is our ultimate goal.

When the equipment arrives to Borghi&Saveri, it is disassembled and blasted to remove any coatings, scales, or rust. Then, one of our expert technicians will perform a visual and dimensional check of all internal features and components.

After the inspection is completed, the engineer and our commercial department will develop a work scope detailing new components and repairs necessary to return damaged equipment to like new condition.

After the customer’s approval of the quote, we rebalance, machine or replace parts as required to bring the machine back to original factory specifications.

ZERO-Downtime Exchange

Borghi&Saveri can also offer, through our Exchange Program, a ZERO-downtime solution.

This solution allows to minimize the test-bench stop time by replacing the unit under maintenance with a reconditioned unit ready to use and guaranteed as a new one.

This solution is particularly appreciated by our customers as part of a long-term maintenance service plan.