Founded in 1935

The company was founded in 1935 and started producing weight scales for commercial and industrial applications. We are located in the Motor Valley of Emilia Romagna, a place with an immense automotive heritage and where the most prestigious sports cars and motorbikes manufacturers were born. During the years the vision of Borghi brought the company into a new field and caught the opportunity to enter the automotive industry converting the production of weight scales into engine dynamometers for power and torque measurements.

In over 80 years of activity the products continuously evolved, following the requirements of the most demanding engine manufacturers, from mass production to racing, from small kart engines to big naval applications.


The partnership with customers involved in the pinnacle of racing gave us the opportunity to deal with the highest level of technology and develop solutions capable of meeting the hardest requirements.
The know-how accumulated over the years, from racing and series applications, allowed us to build a strong reputation with customers in the automotive industry worldwide.

In return for the trust we gained from our clients we continuously improve our know-how to ensure the highest level of competence and quality.
In 2019 the company was acquired by Alma Automotive, creating an industrial group capable of providing innovative and reliable solutions for engine testing, combining the high quality of our products with the competence in electronics and control systems of Alma Automotive.

  • 1935

    Borghi&Saveri is founded and start producing weight scales for commercial and industrial applications

  • 1950

    Patent for Hydraulic dynamometer to test internal combustion engines

  • 1955

    A Borghi&Saveri bed weight scale for medical applications

  • 1956

    Borghi&Saveri starts to apply its products to measure the torque of internal combustion engines

  • 1972

    Starts the production of the Eddy Current dynamometers

  • 1975

    Starts the production of the "F" family hydraulic dynamometers

  • 1995

    Borghi&Saveri realizes a prototype of an AC asynchronous dynamometer

  • 2016

    Alma automotive and Borghi&Saveri update an engine test cell in the factory

  • 2019

    Alma Automotive, announces the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Borghi & Saveri

  • 2020

    Borghi & Saveri start the production of the permanent magnet motors dynamometer

  • 2020

    Borghi & Saveri develop the Asynchronous electrical motors dynamometer FA type

  • 2021

    Borghi & Saveri launch the universal BCU Brake Control Unit.

  • 2022

    Borghi & Saveri build the first complete test cell with an active dynamometer, test bench control system and the BCU