Author: Omar
Date: 6 March 2024
Case study: thrust stand for micro turbojets

In the world of industrial development and innovation, precision and accuracy are the focus around which the most significant advances revolve. This concept has been transferred to the development of the micro turbojet thrust stand. This case study stems from the research needs of university laboratories to innovate their testing facilities. We will take a close look at the Borghi & Saveri test bench, focusing on its construction characteristics and the quality of the measurements generated through the use of speciafic innovative solutions.

The Mission of Innovation:

The primary objective of the project was to develop a highly accurate and reliable thrust stand to evaluate the performance of a microturbine. This requires not only an accurate measurement of the generated thrust, but also the ability to repeat tests in a reliable and repeatable manner.

The Technological Approach:

To achieve these goals, Borghi & Saveri’s engineering team adopted a force measurement system, based on a high-precision load cell, which operates in nearly frictionless conditions thanks to the use of pneumatic bearings specifically selected for this application. This particular design eliminates friction during small movements of the measuring carriage to minimise external interference, allowing accurate and repeatable measurements.

The Calibration System:

To ensure calibration of the measurement system, the thrust stand adopts a leverage system pivoted on a specific designed pneumostatic bushing. This approach allows the system to be calibrated using certified weights, ensuring maximum measurement accuracy.

Monitoring of environmental conditions:

Another crucial aspect is monitoring environmental conditions and temperatures during a test. Hardware and software for data acquisition are based on the National Instrument platform. Dedicated channels for temperature, humidity and ambient pressure ensure that conditions are appropriately compensated and that environmental variations do not affect test results.

Precision accuracy without compromise:

The key to the success of this thrust stand lies in its ability to guarantee automatic and user-friendly measurements. Thanks to the combination of high-quality components, carefully thought-out solutions and a proprietary acquisition and control system, the bench is able to ensure accurate thrust measurement without any hysteresis. This means that test results are 100% reliable and can be reproduced consistently every time.


Machining Excellence:

Another highlight of this project is machining and assembly. Every component of the thrust stand has been manufactured with the utmost care to account for the small forces involved, using production techniques specific to micromechanics. This level of attention to detail ensures that the system functions optimally and that measurements are error-free.

The Future of Innovation:

Borghi & Saveri’s signature micro-turbojet thrust stand represents an excellent example of how innovation and industrialisation can converge to create high-tech products. With its ability to offer precise, accurate and repeatable measurements, this system paves the way for new advances in the field of fluid dynamics and aeronautical propulsion.

Technical specification

  • Maximum thrust force 230 N
  • Max admitted weight on sliding platform 15 kg
  • Dimensions LxPxH 750x600xH800

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