Author: Omar
Date: 23 October 2023
Brake Control Unit (BCU)

The Brake Control Unit (BCU) by Borghi & Saveri is the unified controller for our active and passive dynamometers. It employ parameterized algorithms to manage actuators for customizable brake responses. Its user interface (UI) on a web browser ensures easy access to control and safety parameters with different access levels.

The BCU allows management through physical front panel interfaces or external devices via analog or bus communication. It supports up to 2 load cell sensors with signal acquisition using isolated electronic components for repeatability and disturbance immunity. Torque signal calibration is software-driven, guided by a specific tool on the web interface.

Designed for track laps simulation, compatibility with the installed bench management system must be verified. Connectivity is robust, with the BCU sending operating data through commonly used industrial field buses (CAN, RS485, Ethernet). Data can be recorded in the BCU‘s internal memory for periodic download or accessed directly through an internet browser using Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections, integrating seamlessly into digital information management systems.

The UI is advanced and user-friendly, accessible via web browser by connecting the BCU to a PC or mobile device. It facilitates monitoring main parameters (speed, torque, power), brake conditions (temperatures, pressures, vibrations), defining brake operating modes, calibrating brake management parameters, and configuring load cell calibrations. Configurations can be saved for future use.

In terms of control modes, the BCU offers constant speed control (“n = K” mode) with precision across the dynamometer range and constant torque control (“M = K” mode) ensuring accuracy for active and passive dynamometers.

Overall, the BCU is a comprehensive and adaptable solution for dynamometer control and data management, catering to diverse testing requirements in industrial and automotive settings.

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